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30 years have elapsed since the demise of the famous ‘Western’ class diesels in service with British Rail, and we commemorate this anniversary with a very special programme looking at their final four years in traffic.

The programme looks at each of the four years from 1974-1977, and with 50 different locomotives appearing in the programme, we get the chance to see most of our favourites in action once more.
The programme also features many of the special trains operating in that period with D1010, D1013, D1023, D1051, D1052 all appearing on railtour duties

Other highlights include: Double headed over Dainton; The summers of 1974 & 1975 at Dawlish; Reading platform scenes; and a ride behind Western Ambassador!

Guaranteed to bring back glorious memories from that wonderful era!

Running time approx 62 mins

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What the Press say..........

“Hold on to your seats as we are whisked back to the sunset of a golden era when the Western Region’s iconic diesel-hydraulics were still to be found on a variety of duties.
Many will remember them in BR blue livery and as this thoughtfully compiled programme features film from the period 1974 to 1977, that is very much what you get.The title would amplify that fact too, whilst hinting at the sadness that the ‘Thousands’ were being replaced by BR
Some of the scenes here of 52s on passenger duties prove that their drivers were not going to let their steeds go out with a whimper and got the best from their machines.
It is unlikely that drivers were ‘playing to the cameras’ either since much of the film is amateur, hand-held footage – and thank goodness for it.
We all wish we had recorded more ‘classic’ scenes at the time and without those who actually went out and used their precious film, archive presentations like this would not be possible. There are also some wonderful quality sequences which look like they could have been filmed yesterday, and put us at the lineside at locations such as Dawlish Warren as ‘Westerns’ whizz by with their rakes of blue & grey coaches.
Busy scenes at Reading will have viewers looking to see if they were amongst the platform-enders enjoying the then everyday procession of loco hauled workings.
Westbury is another location visited, where we experience the class hard at work on freight duties.
You can take a seat as we enjoy a run behind D1051 Western Ambassador, or thrill to the spectacle of double-headed Class 52 workings on Dainton.
Memories of their final railtours are revived and at least we now know there was a happy ending for at least a few survivors of this Class.
Some 50 of the 74 ‘Westerns’ are to be found on this programme which provides a fitting tribute to a great class of locomotive.
Following hard on the heels of Globe’s ‘Regiments & Racehorses’ tribute to the ‘Deltics’, this is another superb archive treat – lap it up!”

David Brown – Editor
January 2008

And what our customers say.....
I can't begin to tell you how enjoyable it is to relive the days when trains were interesting, keep up the great work!
AS, Cumbria

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