Produced by GLOBE VIDEO FILMS and released November 2001.


Features diesel, electric & and steam tours operated by Pathfinder Tours from the period 1992-2001.
(Ratio of diesel/electric to steam is approx 70/30)

59 different railtours appear and in many cases several scenes represent each tour.

Video carries full detailed captions and includes informative commentary.



The Tours that feature are as follows (in chronological order) :

Two Roses Voyager 19-Jul-92
Minster Marauder 07-Nov-92 *
The Cottam Picker 28-Nov-92 *
Severn Slapper 02-May-93
Bishops Triple 05-Jun-93 *
Skirl Revisited 11-Jun-93 *
Grampian Highlander 05-Aug-94 *
Marsh 'n' Moor 25-Mar-95 *
GM Gyrator 04-Jan-97 *
Fenland Excursioner 12-Jul-97
Duchy Deltic 23-Aug-97 *
Crompton Culminator 06-Sep-97
Meldon Meanderer 25-Oct-97 *
Rex Ham 28-Feb-98 *
Barrow Buoy 25-Apr-98
Cornish Gnome 03-May-98
Par-King Pioneer 09-May-98
Mersey-Dee 06-Jun-98
Birthday Bash 13-Jun-98 *
Penzance Pirate 19-Sep-98 *
Falmouth Packet 20-Sep-98 *
Cheshire Mole 07-Nov-98 *
Yorkian Gargoylian 13-Feb-99
Merchant Sailor 13-Mar-99
Wey-Farer 02-May-99 *
Kent Coasterman 08-May-99
Eclipse Special 11-Aug-99
Parkan Ride 18-Sep-99
Tyne Tees Venturer 30-Oct-99
The Crompton Collier 20-Nov-99
Capital Scotsman 27-Nov-99
Urban Suburban II 27-Nov-99
The Centenarian 29-Dec-99
Weaving Weasel 26-Feb-00 *
Dorset Mariner 15-Apr-00
Cleveland Crusader 22-Apr-00
Torbay Quarryman 14-May-00 *
Severn-Dee Borderer 29-May-00
The Shakespeare Flyer 15-Jul-00
Anglian Capitalist 05-Aug-00
Ynys Mon Express 28-Oct-00
Power Porter 06-Jan-01
Mancunian Marauder 27-Jan-01 *
Cumbrian Mountain Express 10-Feb-01
Merseyside Beat 17-Feb-01 *
Double Duchy 07-Apr-01 *
Marshes Marauder 07-Apr-01
Torbay Limited 14-Apr-01
Nene Navigator 21-Apr-01
The Settle & Carlisle exc 07-May-01
Capital Castles 19-May-01
Tyke Trekker 26-May-01
(N)Onllwyn Orbiter 02-Jun-01
Cumbrian Mountain Expr 23-Jun-01 *
Cornish Excursion 30-Jun-01
Ayr Liner 14-Jul-01
Cumbrian Moutain Expr 28-Jul-01
Poly-Granite 01-Sep-01 *
Severn Coast Express 27-Sep-01 *

* 2 or more different scenes of the train at different locations.

Reproduction is in stereo and approx running time is 83 minutes.

What the Press Say:
‘The usual high standard of camerawork and narration’ – Traction magazine

See sample on YouTube



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